Boom solutions for business growth

Welcome to the Boom boutique!

Strictly speaking, we exclusively offer one service: Connecting The Progressive CEO with next-level solutions.

You can find the categories of solutions from the overview below.

We curate and co-create solutions based on what CEOs really need whereby:

  • Curating means finding, testing and promoting extraordinary solutions
  • Co-creating means that we don’t create a product or service by ourselves

Our approach to solution development is that we start with the understanding of a real-world challenge and then move to curating the existing solution for it that stands out to us. Where we can’t find a solution that is up to our high standards, we gather next-level elements and co-create the effective solution by assembling the parts.

This approach prevents us from having to sell you something that is not a next-level solution anymore just because it sits on our shelf. Instead, we focus on connecting you with what works best at any given time. It makes us agile and is how we can help you stay ahead.

Our first-ever CEO Study (download) – published in partnership with HubSpot – was Boom’s initial deep dive into the challenges that CEOs personally face when it comes to driving business grow. It’s our original research and the seed from which Boom has been growing.

The CEO Study research is now ongoing, and we will continue it forever. It roots Boom deeply and forms the foundation for how we prioritize solution development.

The top 7 categories of Boom solutions