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CEO Study 2022

Boom’s research into the top challenges faced by CEOs when it comes to driving business growth.

At a crucial time, I discussed my challenges with Boom’s experts. I made my decision, got support from Boom, and was able to find the perfect match for a role that is vital to our business success.

— Charlie Mack
CEO of Cranstoun, 450 employees. HQ in Surrey, United Kingdom

With Boom’s help, I’m able to better analyse the team’s dynamics and how it affects our performance. My business has used several Boom solutions and they definitely help CEOs to move forward faster.

— Ronny Zingre
CEO/owner-manager of MBV and Femron, 60 employees in total. Zurich, Switzerland

I’ve seen first hand how Dave’s energy, inner drive and love for connecting the right people can inspire CEOs to make strong decisions and lead their team towards business growth.

— Sylvia Stocker
CEO & founder of ARABESQUE LLC, Robotics & AI. Zurich, Switzerland

André Heller portrait

I’m happy about our transformation over the years and a lot of it came through making good use of Boom’s services. I love how Boom uses the knowledge of great business leaders to create their own philosophy.

— André Heller
CEO/founder of hellermeier & MarkenPower, 6 employees. Lucerne, Switzerland

Thomas Bergen portrait

Dave Hertig helped me to build the foundation from the ground up. At the end of the phase with him as our Head Of Growth, we were 240+ supporters strong and capable of fulfilling our mission.

— Thomas Bergen
Founder of HOPE NOW foundation (and CEO of getAbstract, 170 employees). Lucerne, Switzerland

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Dave and I have kept meeting at my businesses’ conferences and we did
some media work around the launch of the 2nd edition of my book “Content Inc.”
I love his special brand of all-in support when he believes in a project.

Joe Pulizzi

Founder of The Tilt, Godfather Of Content Marketing. Cleveland, USA

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