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Boom Helps You, The Progressive CEO, Drive Business Growth By Connecting You With Next-Level Solutions

We understand you, then connect you

We help progressive CEOs drive business growth by connecting them with next-level solutions. To do this exceptionally well, we focus on our type of CEO client, obsess with their challenges and match them with people and organisations who help them make the next step or take a leap. Learn more about the Boom approach to collaborating with CEO clients further down on this page.

Get our CEO Study

In partnership with HubSpot, we researched the top challenges faced by CEOs when it comes to driving business growth. In the CEO Study, you find:

  • the top challenges according to 160 CEOs
  • Inputs from 8 CEOs about what works for them
  • Insights from 3 next-level experts

Defining The Progressive CEO

Here is what defines the CEO we love to work with.

  • GROWTH Grows personally and drives business growth
  • PROGRESS Views business as a progress engine
  • VISION Builds a great, enduring company
  • MAGNET Turns the organisation into a people magnet
  • HEALTH Cultivates wellness for humans including themselves and the planet

Learn more about Dave

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Boom Sparks

Solutions we connect CEOs with

We curate and co-create solutions based on what CEOs really need. Our first-ever CEO Study (download) – published in partnership with HubSpot – was Boom’s initial deep dive into the challenges that CEOs personally face when it comes to driving business growth. It’s our original research and the seed from which Boom has been growing. The CEO Study research is now ongoing, and we will continue it forever. It roots Boom deeply and forms the foundation for how we prioritize solution development.

What CEOs say about Boom

“Dave’s energy, inner drive and love for connecting the right people inspires CEOs to make strong decisions and lead their team towards business growth.”

Sylvia Stocker, CEO & founder of ARABESQUE LLC, Robotics & AI. Zurich, Switzerland

“With Boom’s help, I’m able to better analyse the team’s dynamics and how it affects our performance. My business has used several Boom solutions and they help CEOs to move forward faster.”

Ronny Zingre, CEO/owner-manager of MBV (world leader in Microbial Air Sampling) and owner of Femron. 60 employees in total. Investor and Board Member of Plair. Client and investor of Boom.

“I’m happy about our transformation over the years and a lot of it came through making good use of Boom’s services. Boom weaves the wisdom of great business leaders into their own philosophy and I love that.”

André Heller, CEO/founder of hellermeier, 7 employees. Lucerne, Switzerland

“Dave helped me to build the foundation from the ground up. At the end of the phase with him as our Head Of Growth, we were 240+ supporters strong and capable of fulfilling our mission.”

Thomas Bergen, Founder of HOPE NOW foundation (and CEO of getAbstract, 170 employees). Lucerne, Switzerland

“Dave and I have kept meeting at my businesses’ conferences and we did media work around the launch of the 2nd edition of my book “Content Inc.” I love his special brand of all-in support when he believes in a project.”

Joe Pulizzi, Founder of The Tilt, Godfather Of Content Marketing. Cleveland, USA

“At a crucial time, I discussed my challenges with Boom’s experts. I made my decision, got support from Boom, and was able to find the perfect match for a role that is vital to our business success.”

Charlie Mack, CEO of Cranstoun, 450 employees. HQ in Surrey, United Kingdom

How we work with you

We increase success for progressive CEOS and their businesses by connecting them with next-level solutions. In order to live up to our promise, we curate and co-create highest-level solutions that effectively address each set of particular challenges.

When you reach out to Boom, here’s what to expect:

  1. Discovery call: You meet with our founder Dave Hertig
  2. Next steps: If both sides want to move forward, we define what’s next
  3. Dynamic audit: We baseline from where we start using the BoomMethod assessment
  4. Quick wins: We implement a plan that leads to results fast
  5. Continuity: Everyone is happy, so let’s tackle the next challenge together

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Dave Hertig contributes to forward-motion in the world by empowering progressive CEOs to drive business growth. He’s a connector by nature. Before establishing Boom, he wrote about business for Sonntagszeitung and CASH at Switzerland’s two largest media companies. He then served as the editor-in-chief of corporate magazines (including Audi Switzerland’s) and acted as a freelance marketer for clients such as UBS, Raiffeisen Switzerland, and responsAbility – an asset manager specializing in emerging markets. Dave Hertig on Linkedin.

Boom connects progressive CEOs with solution providers who stand out in growth-related topics. We also bring CEOs in touch with their peers who share similar visions, mindsets, and beliefs. Most importantly, we connect CEOs to the BoomMethod. The BoomMethod is our ‘holy grail’ of frameworks and playbooks which we use in our work for and with clients and partners; it’s our philosophy for business growth. Ask us for more information.

We filter and qualify the right matches:

  • Who we work for and collaborate with
  • Whom we add to our teams
  • Whose services we curate and which approaches we use

Every founder’s story has a profound effect on the essence of their business, especially when it is genuine and not solely driven by money.

Dave Hertig, founder of Boom and a renowned connector, has been deemed as the “quick connect” by one scientific assessment. He is passionate about assisting business leaders in high-level roles to catalyze progress within companies and society at large. For this purpose he established Boom – an organisation dedicated to aiding those CEOs who strive for progress, innovation and growth.

By uniting progressive CEOs with growth-centric possibilities, we play a pivotal role in advancing the world through business.

Booming is intent on strengthening progressive CEOs and making a real impact in the world. As one of these influential leaders, you can spark meaningful change; that’s why we are committed to collaborating with you so that we can collectively bring progress to our planet.

We make sure we are a match with our clients, using the same approaches we recommend CEOs utilize when deciding who to take on board as key people in and around their organizations. Ask us about our process.

We search the globe for cutting-edge business growth techniques and vendors of outstanding services. We also co-create modern solutions, including our esteemed Sparring Partners flagship program. By connecting partners with our clients, we guarantee that the partners valuable resources get into the hands of forward-thinking CEOs who use them to their full potential – a trifold win of success for you, the world, and us with our partners. In short, we’re at the forefront of curating what works and that’s what you’ll want if you work with Boom.

Combining the forces of creating value and earning money is the cornerstone of any successful business. It’s not a case where you have to pick one or the other; they go hand in hand.

Here is the link to Boom’s manifesto “The Progressive CEO brings progress to the world”