Boom manifesto

The Progressive CEO brings progress to the world


The beliefs and concepts expressed in this manifesto have led to the establishment of Boom, which sees itself as a driving force of a movement while being a for-profit business with high ambitions. Boom has defined The Progressive CEO and aspires to serve this special type of CEO in ways that no one else does.

The glory of The Progressive CEO

The Progressive CEO is or becomes an entrepreneurial leader who is fit for today’s and tomorrow’s business environment.

She or he outperforms in terms of human understanding, sense of purpose and the achievement of personal and business goals.

Progressive CEOs are frontrunners or early adopters or open-minded explorers for new mindsets, approaches and behaviours that promise outperformance and growth, both personally and in business.

Boom’s definition of The Progressive CEO

  • GROWTH Grows personally and drives business growth
  • PROGRESS Views business as a progress engine
  • VISION Builds a great, enduring company
  • MAGNET Turns the organisation into a people magnet
  • HEALTH Cultivates wellness for humans including themselves and the planet

Whether The Progressive CEO has founded or co-founded their organization, owns a part or all of it or is an employee without owning a share of the organization is not important to us.

Often times:

  • A founder-CEO is a visionary who needs to develop their CEO/COO skills and
  • an employed CEO without a share in the business needs to develop their entrepreneurial skills.

We have yet to meet a CEO who has it all, but that is fine. Use your strengths and hire for complementation.

Boom’s mission

We help The Progressive CEO drive business growth by connecting them with next-level solutions.

Boom’s higher purpose

Our mission is based on the desire to contribute to progress in the world and on our strong belief that helping The Progressive CEO raise their game is one of the most powerful levers to achieve our aspiration.

CEOs are in a position to make change happen and if they use the power that comes with the position in a positive way, great things happen and the world benefits from it too.

What we hope The Progressive CEO agrees upon with us

  • I can have an outsized positive impact in the world.
  • I live, speak and act in such a way that it guides the people who are connected to our organization.
  • I grow as a person permanently because it increases the chances to grow also for our organization, our people and our stakeholders.
  • I take care of myself – body, mind and spirit. It will benefit everyone around me.
  • I surround myself with positivity and possibility.
  • I think great thoughts.
  • I set big goals, develop faith, believe.

Boom’s vision for The Progressive CEO’s connections

The Progressive CEO is connected with:

  • positive people who are good for them and the business
  • effective knowledge without the overwhelm that comes with noise and having little time
  • next-level solutions that help them move forward with clarity and strength

In the world of facilitating connections, there are many clubs, associations and alumni groups for business leaders. Boom fills a gap: We offer a hub for CEOs who identify with our definition of The Progressive CEO and who prefer to engage with like-minded CEOs and professionals who serve this type of CEO specifically.

In closing

Most CEOs are aware that any remarkable success a CEO experiences depends on other humans. Therefore, The Progressive CEO develops a deep understanding of humans.

The broader public tends to see CEOs as decision machines rather than humans. But CEOs are humans, humans who fill a special role which is crucial for the progress of the world.

In order to be effective, a CEO must stay healthy, find happiness and aim to grow personally.

The best way to achieve happiness for any human being including CEOs is to use their full potential to contribute to progress in the world.

Being a good CEO requires vision, clarity and strength. It’s an immense responsibility and it comes with a risk of potential overwhelm and isolation within the organization.

The CEO role remains challenging or becomes even more challenging as the world moves through cycles of changes faster and faster. The best response for The Progressive CEO is to seek and get connection with positive people and with sources of energy that help you propel yourself, your personal environment and the organization you lead forward.

Connection is the answer.