About Boom

Our Mission

Boom helps the world to move forward by empowering progressive CEOs to drive business growth.

CEOs have leverage and everyone benefits if it’s used to move the world forward. To support that mission, we connect progressive CEOs with next-level solutions like our outstanding experts, the Boom Sparring Partners.

Dave Hertig is committed to helping the world to move forward by empowering progressive CEOs to drive business growth.

His Mission

Dave Hertig has chosen to work with this group of clients and only in the best way possible. By doing business with people who have leverage, Boom is building a powerful engine of progress whose ownership Dave shares with investors, team members, partners, and clients.

His Drive

A born connector on a permanent quest to find people, thoughts, and tools that bring the world forward.

Dave envisions Boom as a cultural movement as much as a business, and that plays perfectly into what he wants from life.

Earlier in his career, Dave was a business editor for Switzerland’s two biggest publishing houses (“CASH” at Ringier, “Sonntagszeitung” at TX Group/Tamedia). As a self-employed entrepreneur, he went on to work for clients such as UBS, Audi Magazine Switzerland (Editor-in-Chief), the magazine “management” of Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft (Editor-in-Chief) and for the Swiss asset manager, responsAbility. Dave also studied journalism at SAL Zurich.

Dave lives with the love of his life (who is a progressive CEO herself) in Lugano, the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland in Western Europe. He walks and runs in the surrounding mountains, enjoys the lake, and champions the local football team. Not a parent himself, he takes pride in being the oldest brother to 10 siblings.

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David Awokoya

Marketing Expert

Sandro Rupp

Project Manager

Rebecca Diamond


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Business Mentors to Dave

Key influences on Boom

  • Seth Godin
  • Jim Collins
  • Stephen R. Covey
  • Simon Sinek
  • Joe Pulizzi
  • Tim Ferriss
  • Sally Hogshead
  • Tony Robbins
  • The mentors mentioned above


Meet our investors

Katharina Burckhardt Entrepreneur

Tobias Stahel CEO of Smart Energy Link AG

André Heller Founder & CEO hellermeier gmbh & Markenpower AG

Annette Hertig, Mother of Boom’s founder

Neil Stiefel CEO of ACOLIN Fundbase

Roland Siegenthaler Founder of echt praktisch gmbh

Christian Amos Senior Risk Manager Asset Management at Zürcher Kantonalbank

Klaas Friedel Partner at Swiss Dental Center AG

Charlie Mack CEO of Cranstoun

Ronny Zingre CEO/owner-manager of MBV, owner of Femron

Patrick Mathers Co-founder & former CEO of VSHN AG

Our Clients

The Progressive CEO

About You

What defines
the Progressive CEO

The drive to succeed and grow the business. The desire to live a happy life and grow as a human being. The committment to work with the right people only and to treat those people well. The motivation to bring progress to the world through innovation. You can also think of any of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the UN (United Nations) and if your business adds to progress in any of the fields, we are with you.

Please also note that we’re not looking for CEOs and companies who think they’re perfect. Nobody is. Where there’s light, there might be shadow. Just give us a chance to see that empowering and serving you brings progress to the world that we envision.

Let’s talk about it and find out whether we’re a match.


Boom exists to serve and empower progressive CEOs and help to move the world forward in the process. As a progressive CEO, you contribute to change big time and we want positive change to happen. By collaborating with you, we contribute to bringing progress to the world.

In the same way that we recommend CEOs decide who to take on board as the key people in their organisation. Ask us about our process.

We search the world for next-level business growth solutions like our outstanding experts, the Boom Sparring Partners, who we then connect with progressive CEOs. That way we ensure these precious resources are used to the best possible effect. It’s a win-win-win for you, the world and us. You’ll also have access to like-minded peers.

It’s not a question of one or the other. Business is all about creating value and is usually rewarded with money.