Dave Hertig

Dave Hertig, Founder and CEO of Boom

Dave Hertig is Boom's founder & CEO and he obsesses with the challenges of progressive CEOS of small to mid-size firms. He finds and assesses world-class services and leads the design of new services where the existing ones don't meet his requirements.

As an innovator & connector, Dave brings progressive CEOs in touch with their peers and with the best business knowledge that is directly applicable. The outcome of that: Companies that bring progress to the world forward, grow stronger faster.

Earlier in his life, Dave was a business journalist for Switzerland’s biggest two publishing houses (CASH at Ringier AG, Sonntagszeitung at Tamedia AG). As a self-employed entrepreneur, he went on to work for clients such as UBS, Audi Magazine Switzerland (Editor-in-Chief), the “management” magazine of Schweizerische Management Gesellschaft (Editor-in-Chief) and for the Swiss asset manager responsAbility (expertise: development investments, impact investing).

For his work at Boom, Dave has been leaning on the wisdom of mentors like Ash Maurya (LeanStack), Ryan Levesque (ASKmethod), Alessia & Kane Minkus (Industry Rockstar) and Kevin Harrington (“Shark Tank”).