The Progressive CEO hires, retains and promotes the right people only. It’s a near-impossible task and Boom helps make it a reality.

Yes, you can elevate your team and differentiate the business by working with those people who are a perfect match for your company.

Imagine your people forming high-performing units that get the job done every time. A culture which ensures that even in tough times the team members see themselves as part of a bigger entity that serves a mission that they stand behind. A group of employees who appreciate their differences and never lose their drive to make progress.

Boom’s mission is to connect The Progressive CEO with Next-Level Solutions that we curate (find, test, compare) for you and that stand out to us on a world-class level. They are affordable to CEOs of medium-sized businesses and must contribute to success rapidly.

Boom’s most effective solutions for your desire to work with the right people only:

  • Matchmaking and assessments for hiring and promoting the right people.
    Typical investment per person: CHF 1’000 (assessment and an explanatory call), CHF 4’000 (assessment done by the author of the assessment)
  • Software as a Service that does matchmaking (based on soft skills).
    This helps to expand variety in personalities per team, makes hiring the right person and even writing a job ad that works a lot easier. It also supports leaders in the onboarding process. Investment per team member: CHF 400/year.
  • Hands-on implementation support for your plans by scholar-practitioners (academics with a Ph.D. who focus on practice). This is for situations in which a plan has been agreed upon but then doesn’t get executed (which is the majority of plans).
    Typical investment: starting at CHF 20’000 for a team of 4+ team members.
  • Implement next-level HR processes that remain effective in a world in motion.
    Let yourself be guided by outstanding strategists and implementors. Typical investment: case-specific, please ask for pricing.
  • Work with Boom’s CEO Sparring Partner to discuss your plans, visions and decisions at eye-level.
    Typical investment: 3 ways of working together, starting at CHF 2’000/month.

If you feel that Boom might be the fitting performance plugin to your CEO life, we’re here to listen and then make you shine.

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