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Health: Combines next-level knowledge with a business application


Technology: International Expansion for consumer goods


Technology: a conversation orchestration platform


Technology: an AI-powered production tool for TV-like video


Technology: SaaS for personnel selection and development


Professional Services: business growth for progressive CEOs


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with founder Christopher Demetrakos for you

ax3 founder Christopher Demetrakos is the rare case of a neuroscientist who combines next-level knowledge with a business application. He’s currently writing his doctoral thesis while leading his business, the advertising services provider Manzanita, out of Tokyo.

Christopher is a 25-year veteran of the advertising industry who saw everything there is to see in the biggest advertising company of the world before he founded his own business. Equipped with practical intelligence and the mind of a contrarian, he clearly sees how the old way of doing advertising has been going wrong. His prediction: Most of what these businesses do today will be done by AI within 2 years. The only two things that AI is not able to do yet: knowing what works for what kind of customer exactly based on science and designing messages that trigger purchase decisions.


  • Entry barriers: a proven and unique system that only requires further development of the user interface
  • Seeking USD 1M of funding. A successful exit should be expected within 2 years
  • Use of funds: re-designing the user interface, hire salespeople that just open the door for clients who already understand that they need a better version of advertising.

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with founder Lourdes Cuevas for you

GüigUp founder Lourdes Cuevas added an outstanding CTO to the team and they’re now digitalizing their already successful services for International Expansion for manufacturers of consumer goods.

Digitalization of expansion services targeting manufacturers of consumer goods. Starting with clients who expand into the USA/Canada/Mexico. The founder has successfully expanded businesses for 28 years, 5 years of which with GüipUp. GüipUp has been building the digital tool on top of their valuable work for the last 2 years. The processes are standardized, big parts of the software are ready and in use. There’s a big opportunity for expansion services as the USA is near-shoring/ friends-shoring consumer goods.


  • Entry barriers: the highly experienced co-founder team. The existing clients and network.
  • Aim to reach annual revenues of EUR 3 million by 3Q 2026, (surpassing break-even) and sustaining a 130% growth rate over the following five years.
  • Seeking € 1M of funding. The ideal strategic investor is in the business of supply chain, logistics or consumer goods
  • Goal is to invoice € 2M ARR by the end of 2025
  • Use of funds: team, technology, product, go-to-market strategy and marketing

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with founder Ronald Rubens for you

Conversational and generative AI have sparked tremendous interest to the extent that companies have raised more than $14 billion in funding in 2023 alone. However, the missing piece is a pro-active ‘human-in-the-loop’ when customers experience friction or need urgent help. SentioCX with founder Ronald Rubens offers a conversation orchestration platform to enable a truly seamless hand-off from existing conversational AI/bots to live agents.


  • An important patent for intent-based triaging & intelligent routing for a frictionless customer experience and satisfied agents
  • Seeking € 1.5M of funding (of which € 250K is committed) from a strategic investor
  • Goal is to to get to € 2M of ARR in Q3/2024
  • Use of funds: marketing

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with co-founder Stephan Würmlin Stalder for you

Producing high-quality videos can be costly and overwhelming. Nimagna is an AI-powered video production solution for online educators, sales professionals, and managers. It enables anyone to effortlessly produce immersive, TV-like video content with just a webcam. Nimagna’s software (“AI Director”) acts as the producer, director and cameramen –eliminating the need for complex setups or technical expertise. CEO Stephan Würmlin Stadler will showcase the tool on the call.

  • A uniquely positioned tool in the growing market for video production software
  • Standing out from the hype with true AI capabilities, a real game changer
  • Secured 50% of investment need already, plus an Innosuisse project
  • Use of funds: Invest in marketing and business development/sales

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with founder Claudia Willi for you

Claudia Willi presents the case of treazrly®, a SaaS which is the Soft Factors System for ensuring optimum fit of person to job and to team, combined with employee development. CEOs and business leaders want the right people on the bus and in the right seat. They need to be chosen as the employer by picky professionals who then become key players over the years. treazrly helps with great matching and increases productivity AND happiness which are both important factors of top performance.


  • Achieve a balance between HardFactors and SoftFactors in every recruitment process
  • Micro-learning elements offer systematic support in onboarding, communication and leadership
  • Raised CHF 1.7m from private individuals and has a client ready version, with first paying customers onboarded.
  • Currently seeking CHF 700k (minimum ticket size CHF 65k 0.5%) to finalise the L&D section, strengthen the core team and grow the global sales reach.

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This is us! Let us know of your interest and Dave Hertig will gladly schedule an investors call with you

Founder Dave Hertig and Boom help The Progressive CEO drive business growth. They do it by connecting these CEOs to next-level service providers in the areas of People, Sales, Marketing, Execution and Finances. The business model is fast and lightweight. Not trying to compete with existing solutions for specific CEO problems. Instead, curating the best solutions and taking them straight to CEO clients. The business model is responsive to current market needs in a unique way and promises to create an exciting market leader in a high-value, high-margin niche market.


  • Aiming to 5x the investors capital in 5 years
  • We have early traction
  • We’ve just started to systematize our sales system
  • Now raising CHF 200’00 to 1m, depending on the investor(s) and the speed of our progress in a auction-style funding process

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