The Progressive CEO is instrumental in facilitating sales operations in businesses that require a sales force. Do it effectively with Boom’s help.

Yes, selling can be easier than it feels for many businesses. It will require you to look beyond mere tactics, hacks and psychological tricks though.

Imagine your sales team as a high-impact force, sealing deals effortlessly. Be the change agent who unifies the customer-facing professionals behind the common goal of moving the business forward because they love the work. Excelling at sales comes from talking to the right people about solutions they want and doing it in effective ways.

Boom’s mission is to connect The Progressive CEO with Next-Level Solutions that we curate (find, test, compare) for you and that stand out to us on a world-class level. They are affordable to CEOs of medium-sized businesses and contribute to success rapidly.

Boom’s most effective solutions for your desire to have a high-impact sales force:

  • Matchmaking and assessments for hiring, retaining and promoting the right salespeople only.
    Typical investment per person: CHF 1’000 (assessment and an explanatory call), CHF 4’000 (assessment done by the author of the assessment)
  • Sales Training for individuals and teams.
    Investment: various options, starting at around CHF 7’000 (a quick intervention)
  • Customers/clients insights. Deep dive into your ideal customer persona, using a methodology that is based on research the sales team does while doing its usual work.
    Investment: various options, starting at around CHF 7’000 (a coaching option)
  • Hands-on implementation support for your sales plans by scholar practitioners (academics with a PHD who focus on practice). This is for situations in which a plan has been agreed upon but then doesn’t get executed (which is the majority of plans).
    Typical investment: starting at CHF 20’000 for a team of 4+team members
  • Work with Boom’s CEO Sparring Partner to discuss your plans, visions and decisions at eye-level.
    Typical investment: 3 ways of working together, starting at CHF 2’000/month

If you feel that Boom might be the fitting performance plugin to your CEO life, tell us what you need and ask your questions. We’re here to listen and then make you shine.

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