Have a call with Dave on your business growth

Some of the CEOs who Dave Hertig (centre) had the chance to discuss business with recently.

Some of the CEOs who Dave Hertig (centre) had the chance to discuss business with recently. These talks had a public result – ranging from a #BoomShow episode to a #WayForward post to, at least, a social media photo that both parties posted. No confidentiality broken here.

Boom's founder Dave is relentlessly finding and developing world-class solutions for progressive CEOs who want to boost their business growth. Discuss your organization's situation with him and benefit from his feedback and insights. This call is a fantastic opportunity for both sides to start something important – from becoming business friends to partnering up or you becoming our client. Dave speaks German, English, French and some Spanish – and most of all the language of passionate business leaders.

Some challenges Dave loves to passionately tackle with CEOs

  • Where do we meet new potential clients and how do we get to a sale from there?
  • What if we cannot convince enough great people to join our team?
  • How can we make our market understand the greatness of our solutions?
  • How can we think big and act accordingly if we're no show-offs?
  • Where do we start to improve things when we could improve so much but have so little resources?

Some solutions our clients are currently benefiting from

  • 1-on-1 CEO Advisory with Dave Hertig
  • LinkedinMasterclass on Dave's Content-Powered Sales System
  • Sales Training for B2B technology startups (delivered by our preferred partner)
  • Coaching program for entrepreneurs who want to reach the next level (delivered by our preferred partner)
  • Linkedin marketing (Done-For-You/delivered by our preferred partner)

Ask Dave about our solutions in the video call if you're interested.