Boom fun🎉ding🛎️ with Dave’s friends & business friends

Boom helps the progressive CEO drive business growth. Dave’s friends & business friends invest in the company. Boom lets us make an impact together while we also aim for the financial benefits of investing. Welcome to the fun in fun🎉ding🛎️!

The Boom fun🎉ding🛎️ starts here

For a very long time, Dave Hertig wanted to invite almost everyone who is and/or ever was close to join Boom as an investor.

No-one should later say “If only you had invited me to invest, I would have helped the cause and would now have 💥 $/CHF/€/Złoty/£”.

This is the moment.

At this point, friends and business friends can become a part of the Boom story.

10 of you will invest.

Boom will then move to the next phase of financing.

From fun🎉ding🛎️…

…to fun🧐ding👔.

It will still be a good opportunity but feel less oomph 🎉🛎️.

Do one thing now

If you feel like supporting the cause and/or are curious to learn more about how Boom makes an impact and how the Boom fun🎉ding🛎️ goes, sign up for an interesting business trip.

During the next few weeks, you’ll receive 3 to 5 emails per week from Dave. Often videos, mostly between short and shorter.

Introducing the great people behind Boom. Telling you what CEOs think. Letting you know what we’re working on and how the fun🎉ding🛎️ goes.

Yes, sign up even if…

  • Sign up also if you’re really not sure if such an investment is for you.
  • Heck, sign up even if you’ve already decided that you won’t invest. This is meant to be fun🎉ding🛎️ – even for friends and business friends who don’t fund, but like fun business.

We already love it.

Thank you for joining the fun!