Funding with people from Dave’s life

Dave Hertig is advancing the financing of his company, Boom, with the support of friends from both his professional and personal life, including family members. These friends fall into two categories: those seizing the opportunity to make a special investment and those who are simply delighted to back Dave or entrepreneurs, whether or not they use their own capital.

In the video above, Dave Hertig explains what the current financing round is about and that he’s involving his friends from today and the past.

3 ways Dave’s friends can support and/or invest

Investing in Boom

You’ve stumbled upon a unique investment opportunity. Dave Hertig is offering shares in his company, which he currently owns, in exchange for capital that will support Boom’s growth. These shares are initially in the form of convertible loans and will be converted into company shares when Boom transitions from a GmbH (private limited company) to an Aktiengesellschaft (AG, joint-stock company). Early investors stand to gain the most from the company’s success, as they will likely see the valuation of the future Boom AG (currently a GmbH) rise substantially during the first round of investments. The company’s valuation is currently in the mid single-digit million range in Swiss francs.

Loans as a bridge

Dave is personally securing short-term loans to build a reserve for Boom in 2023 and to repay, with gratitude, previous lenders who require repayment. This personal approach, as opposed to involving the company, is chosen for the sake of increased creditor safety and expediency. Unlike the investment opportunity described above, these lenders don’t invest capital in the company. Instead, Dave repays their principal at the agreed term’s end, providing them with a favorable interest rate.

Supporting without capital investment

Do you know business contacts, friends, or family members who might be interested in a compelling investment opportunity (as described above: investing in the company or lending to Dave)? Typically, business professionals, investors, and entrepreneurs are eager to participate in advancing ventures. You can assist Dave and Boom by connecting them. Your referral doesn’t obligate anyone. Dave will gladly present your contacts with potential financial investment options.

All information

This webpage does not contain specific information about the types of investments that Boom and Dave offer. Dave is glad to answer anything you want to know.

You can find a short sequence in the video about what Boom does and why it is also important for society.

Are you interested in being part of Boom’s and Dave’s journey?

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