Elke Rottmann


Your next-level Recruiter

Elke Rottmann is an outstanding recruiter or headhunter, if you like hunting language. Working with and for people is what she lives for. She has a keen sense for assessing individual potential and matching people with the right environment.

Recruiting Talent

Recruit the right people only and create an active talent pipeline. Modernize your hiring process and cultivate a new recruitment approach.

Employer Branding

Make powerful employer branding part of the recruitment process.


Understand what keeps your teams together and what motivates your employees to stay with you.


Elke Rottmann intuitively understands a company’s culture, and sometimes she can put it into words better than its managers.

She has a unique approach and is able to think beyond the mainstream. One example: When looking for a candidate, she prefers to use her network, which she actively nurtures, instead of doing what everyone else does: buying ads and collecting tons of applications. In some cases she has taken just one candidate to the client – absolutely confident that this was the right person.

Elke focuses on creating sustainable relationships with candidates and clients. People on both ends of the match-making equation confide in her, and rightly so. She hears what’s between the lines and picks up on what else matters in situations where cultural fit plays a crucial role.

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Locations Served: Switzerland
Languages: German, English