Crowdinvesting: Boom’s Funding Round

The next part of the financing for Boom is going to be through crowdinvesting. Boom founder Dave Hertig aims to have 20 people as co-owners who have played a role in his life so far. To make this easier, the minimum investment for the next few investors is no longer CHF 10’000+, but starts at CHF 1’000. The crowdinvesting should be enjoyable and successful without anyone placing large amounts on Boom.

In the video above, Dave Hertig explains what Boom’s current crowdinvesting round is about.

Invest a smaller amount in Boom now

We are lowering the minimum investment amount to 10% of the usual minimum for Boom investments so that many more people from Dave’s circle will invest.

Right after this crowdinvesting round, we will revert back to the previous minimum amount and then increase it further.

This results in a unique situation, also called opportunity:

  • An opportunity for individuals who have an appetite for such an investment.
  • An opportunity for me (Dave) as I will soon feel the energy of more of “my people” around me thanks to the investment offer for smaller amounts.

Boom is ready to make a splash in the world of progressive CEOs and become truly valuable for selected individuals among them. Dave wants to share this phase with acquaintances, friends and business friends from the past and present. 💥

Such investments are rarely accessible with small amounts. This is another reason why this is a special thing.

Dave aims to have at least 20 more people from my life on Boom as co-owners.

Four co-owners have been with Boom since 2020 (with higher minimum amounts at the time). In addition, there are 8 other investors who have also been loyally supporting us (without ownership in the company) – some for a long time.

Another person recently learned that there will soon be a crowdinvesting round. She, a CEO herself, spontaneously told us she’s in – without a formal request from us. Three days later, the money was in Boom’s bank account. Now she is the first female co-owner of Boom!

7 situations for which the Funny Money Investment is suitable

In the video below, Avatar Paulo explains who the investment is intended for. We hope that his facial expressions will bring a smile to your face – particularly when he says something funny and doesn’t act the part.

Decide now to be a part of the experience

This short crowdinvesting round will be fun:

  • for the people who invest
  • For the people who want to observe and experience the events from the sidelines.

You do NOT have to decide now which group you will belong to.

You’re deciding now only that you want to be informed when we start in a few days.

Do you want to get the info when the crowdinvesting starts?

We send out all emails at the same time.

This way all interested people have the same opportunity at the very beginning. 👍🏻

Before we do that, we’ll send out information on Boom so that you can make sense of the investment before the crowdinvesting starts.

Ready for some fun?

Sign me up for the email info
  • By registering to receive the information via e-mail, you do not commit to anything regarding the investment.
  • Please note that our information is not an investment recommendation from a financial institution. First of all, Boom is not such a financial institution, secondly we are biased and anyway we think that this is the hottest investment of the month. Everyone is responsible for their own decision as is Dave, for instance, who has been fully committed to Boom for a long time.
  • Interesting fact: The financial interests of the crowdinvesting investors are aligned with those of Boom founder Dave Hertig and the existing co-owners. If Boom is successful, all investors (including Dave) will benefit from their investment.