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In this 54-second video, Paula Kokare and Dave Hertig tell CEOs what the CEO Study is about and how everyone involved will benefit. Participate in the CEO Study now. Thank you.

Participate in the Boom CEO Study by sharing your insights

Some of the CEOs who shared their insights

... and agreed that we can tell you so on this page. Thank you, Karoline, Isabelle, Michael and Charlie.

Isabelle Ohnemus Linkedin profile

Isabelle Ohnemus, CEO and founder of EyeFitU, Switzerland. Team of 10+ staff.

Charlie Mack Linkedin profile

Charlie Mack, CEO of Cranstoun, from Northern Ireland, in England. Team of 380 staff.

Karoline Gross Linkedin profile

Karoline Gross, CEO and founder of Smartzer, from Estonia, in England. Team of 17 staff.

Rav Roberts Linkedin profile

Rav Roberts, CEO and founder of medsii, from Scotland. Team of 21 staff.

Michael Clausecker Linkedin profile

Michael Clausecker, CEO / owner of Ducati Berlin, Germany. Team of 13 staff.

What's in it for you?

  1. Share your insights and let us collect many more from your CEO peers. Then let's benefit together from what we learn.
  2. Make a connection with Dave Hertig. He's obsessing with the challenges of CEOs and with curating world-class solutions.
  3. Help us make the marketplace smarter. We dig progress and if you do as well, let's improve things and start with the CEO Study.

HubSpot is a distribution partner of this CEO Study

HubSpot is Boom's partner for this CEO Study. The world-class CRM platform for scaling companies will publish the results with us and, in doing so, multiply the reach of the CEO Study results.

Thus your responses and our work will make a bigger impact in the world and end up serving more CEOs.

Boom only shares anonymized results with HubSpot, NO personal information.

If we wish to use a statement of a CEO with their name next to it, Boom will ask first. Only in case of such an agreement will HubSpot learn the name of that person and their business. Promise.

Our team for the CEO Study

Dave Hertig profile square format

Dave Hertig, founder & CEO of Boom

Paula Kokare Linkedin profile photo

Paula Kokare, co-founder of Houston & Ko

Ben Harmanus

Ben Harmanus, Head of Brand EMEA at HubSpot

Sandro Rupp portrait (1)

Sandro R., executive assistant at Houston & Ko

In case of questions

Reach out to Boom's founder Dave Hertig through Boom.CEO/contact