CEO Sparring Partner

The Progressive CEO collaborates with a Sparring Partner from outside the organisation to discuss their own ideas and plans at eye-level and enhance them.

Boom’s CEO Sparring Partner program originated from a conversation with an owner-CEO who expressed, ‘I don’t want a coach. I don’t want a mentor. I’m not looking for a consultant. I know what I want to do. What I really need is a sparring partner with whom I can reflect on my ideas to improve them.’

We listened and crafted a unique program for The Progressive CEO (see Boom’s definition) who is aiming higher.

Benefits of having a CEO Sparring Partner

  • Is on the CEO’s side as an ally
  • Listens and understands the CEO and their business
  • Asks critical questions and challenges the CEO’s thinking
  • Adds a high-quality outside view

The CEO plays a pivotal role in an organization’s success, leaving little room for error. Making sound decisions is paramount. Enter Boom’s CEO Sparring Partner, ready to enhance decision-making and contribute to the CEO’s success in both professional and personal realms.

How Boom’s CEO Sparring Partner program works

Steve Jobs Had A Sparring Partner

Boom’s CEO Sparring Partner program is for progressive CEO who want to enhance their work and personal life and believe that a great ally from outside will make them more valuable to the organisation.

By the way, Boom’s founder Dave Hertig works with a personal sparring partner and it makes a big difference to him and for Boom.

Did you know that Steve Jobs had a sparring partner after he returned to Apple and was the much better CEO than ever before? Dave will gladly tell you who it was.

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