Driving growth with Ronny Zingre, a #BoomShow recap

Driving growth with Ronny Zingre, a #BoomShow recap

I sat down with Ronny Zingre, CEO @ MBV, as part of my live show, the #BoomShow, on pokert.ch.


Driving business growth

Dave Hertig: What’s your take on business growth? How do you go about it day to day?

Ronny Zingre: Business growth relies on a number of different factors: people, product, sales and marketing… all of these are crucial and play their part.

A good product, for example, is only as good as the people and processes behind it. In other words, it’s not enough to just make the best product, it’s making sure that your product enables your customers to confidently do their job and reliably facilitate their productivity.

You’ll hear me talk about processes a lot because in my experience, processes have been at the very heart of our capacity to grow.
Making sure you don’t do things that aren’t necessary and streamlining every step will make sure that your company is lean and can adapt quickly. You want to be able to move fast and keep up with your customers expectations and you can’t do that if you’re dragging dead weight. This can be big things and this can be small things.

It’s not survival of the fittest but survival of those that adapt the best!

Ronny Zingre, CEO @ MVB

Planning for luck, planning for growth…

Dave Hertig: You mentioned luck, where does that factor in?

Ronny Zingre: Yes, luck is very important! I’ve been very lucky and that luck has contributed to my success so far. There are many things you can’t plan, expect or take into account.

I took over this company when I was 30, working with my dad for the first time… a lot of things could have gone wrong there, but luckily, I was able to build a solid working relationship with him. It really could have gone in another direction!

Dave Hertig: How do you tap into that potential?

Ronny Zingre: I don’t think there is just one way to go about this. What’s important is to give luck a chance, give your company the time to get lucky. At MBV for example, nobody can schedule meeting on Tuesday afternoons. The reason is simple: we want to make sure our employees have a time/space to improvise every week.

Ronny Zingre’s recommended books

Ronny Zingre: I always like to recommend two books when it comes to business: “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy: The difference and why it matters” by Richard Rumelt. Both of these have brought me great insight that have helped me improve the way I work and think about the future.

The Goal is a great read, and it’s storytelling is captivating. It helped me better understand the concept of the bottleneck, how to identify and how to better plan ahead.

In that sense, “Good Strategy/Bad Strategy” was great in terms of highlighting the importance of strategy and its importance when it comes to solving problems.

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A smiling man with close-cropped brown hair and brown eyes is facing the camera. He is visible from the shoulders up, wearing a charcoal grey suit and a white collared shirt with the top button undone. The background is an out of focus blue curtain.Ronny Zingre is the CEO of MBV, a Swiss company that develops air samplers to measure microbial air contamination. These precision medical instruments are sought after by pharmaceutical companies. Thanks to their partner, Merck, MBV’s air samplers are available to medical professionals world-wide.

In this interview Ronny shares his thoughts on how to drive growth, the importance of luck and why reactivity is king.

Below are some of the highlights.

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