How to present services: Takeaways from a strategy workshop

How to present services: Takeaways from a strategy workshop

Thank you, Philipp Sauber & Christian Amos _ slash services

When great professionals help me to see things more clearly!

Thank you, Philipp Sauber and Christian Amos for investing the time and energy to do a strategic workshop with me and to design and prepare it (Philipp).

I learned that a bundle of services can be either holistic (e.g. “all things business growth”) or specific (e.g. “Linkedin marketing”).

Mixing up these two categories on the front end (in your sales messaging) will most certainly get your market confused. It all comes down to positioning.

After the workshop, I:

a) renamed my business earlier than I had planned for and
b) cleaned out my services page

The services page now exists to help me talk with progressive CEOs (client segment) about business growth (holistic approach). These free video calls give a CEO and me the chance to start something important:

  • becoming business friends
  • partnering up
  • that CEO becoming our client

Grazie tanto, Philipp and Christian!

Progressive CEO, book your free video call and discuss your business growth with me. I look forward to a lively exchange of thoughts with you!

CEO, book your free call on business growth with Dave Hertig

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