#WayForward with Rahel Kindermann Leuthard, MD #clearedtoland, Zurich, Switzerland

#WayForward with Rahel Kindermann Leuthard, MD #clearedtoland, Zurich, Switzerland

In the #WayForward series, CEOs tell us what’s on their mind in coronavirus times. Read how with Rahel Kindermann Leuthard, MD #clearedtoland, sees things.

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We are female pilots who teach people to use the rules of the cockpit in their business. 1 of the 8 success principles we go by is “Expect the unexpected”. As a young startup, we were booked to capacity until summer. Now all our workshops got postponed – which is better than cancelling. But still, this felt like a huge setback at first.

We challenge ourselves to go by the rules that we teach. While we didn’t see this crisis coming, we were ready for the unexpected. 2 of the 3 founders have kept their jobs despite the early successes. I learned to go step-by-step thanks to the 2 businesses I had started before. We now use the time to work on projects that we wanted to do later in the year, like updating the website, developing our contents and strategizing. What do we want to offer online and how – not because of the current webinaritis but because it fits us and our clients?

Another success principle is “Focus on your horizon”. Even with the chaos around you, in order to land that thing you need to keep your eyes out and stay on track. Don’t get lost in small parts navigation.

Rahel’s best advice for other CEOs

“Keep the team going and motivated. Help them focus on the horizon and see that you will get through this together. It’s tough and it takes a lot of energy to carry the torch when you have to deal with your own doubts, at the same time. But we need to go first and help everyone to keep their spirits up.”

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