#WayForward with Gustavo Salami, CEO Kuble, Zurich, Switzerland

#WayForward with Gustavo Salami, CEO Kuble, Zurich, Switzerland

In the #WayForward series, CEOs tell us what’s on their mind in coronavirus times. Read how Gustavo Salami, CEO Kuble, sees things.

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My best tip for CEOs is to use Officevibe. This tool reaches out to our team of 12 in a randomised pattern and asks them about their job satisfaction. I think it serves us even better now that we don’t have the people around us and can’t feel them the same way as when we were all sitting in the same office most of the time.

We work in the field of digital marketing and it seems commonsensical to expect a boom for any kind of digital business. I’m not sure about that. It depends on how fast and to what extent people will be ready to do business again once the lockdown is over. What I find very interesting is that clients ask us to help them with different projects. One client, for instance, stopped all the social media strategy work that we’ve been doing with them but now wants our support in setting up webinars.

Nevertheless, I think that business leaders should be in kind of a survival mode now. Keep calm and be ready to use opportunities to move forward – regardless of what your old strategy was.

Gustavo experienced a nice surprise: “We have many very large businesses as our clients and they help us by not stopping projects at the moment even though they could. I wouldn’t have expected that and I appreciate it a lot. Everyone who can keep investing in projects, please do.”

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Gustavo Salami Coronamobil #WayForward visual
The Coronamobil Gustavo Salami created for his daughter so that she could race through the empty offices.

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