#WayForward with Sebastian Schubert, CEO Wizard Smart Solutions, Effretikon, Switzerland

#WayForward with Sebastian Schubert, CEO Wizard Smart Solutions, Effretikon, Switzerland

In the #WayForward series, CEOs tell us what’s on their mind in coronavirus times. Read how Sebastian Schubert, CEO Wizard Smart Solution, sees things.

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As a spin-off of a well-known Swiss company, we just celebrated our first anniversary. The virus hits us in the middle of our growth story as we’re multiplying last year’s revenue. Most of our clients and potential clients are currently not placing new orders and we need to bridge this gap right now. The situation has triggered a frenetic search for quick solutions with low-implementation barriers both within the team as well as with partners.

We keep delivering on the existing orders and, apart from that, focus on 3 topics:

1) Keeping in touch with all the interested parties to be ready when they are.
2) Looking for new opportunities with partners – i.e., safe video communication between doctors and patients is a good example.
3) Working on our product development roadmap.

The good news is that the new products we’ve already developed within just one week will be great and unexpected add-ons to our product offerings – also beyond the crisis. I am certain that we will get out of this stronger – as a team, as a company and even our whole society.

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