#WayForward with Frederic Guiral de Haas, CEO NIVOSE 1933, Shanghai, China

#WayForward with Frederic Guiral de Haas, CEO NIVOSE 1933, Shanghai, China

In the #WayForward series, CEOs tell us what’s on their mind in coronavirus times. Read how Frederic Guiral de Haas, CEO of NIVOSE 1933, sees things.

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As a start-up based in France and China, we’re reviving an old French luxury winter wear brand. Over the last 6 weeks, both our retail and our wholesale business have come to a halt. Luckily, NIVOSE is a winter brand – we missed only the end of the season when business stopped in China.

The top priority is to keep the team engaged. We stick to executing our plan but we change the order in which we fulfil the tasks. For instance, we are now working on development projects that were scheduled for later in the year. We’re also training the team in using new tools in order to develop new expertise for the moment when we will all resume a normal life.

When we think of business growth what really matters is to be ready for winter 2020. We are working hard on getting on all the important e-commerce platforms on time. I also firmly believe that when this is all over, people will want to celebrate. We certainly hope that an elegant down jacket will be part of that celebration.

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