#WayForward with André Heller, CEO hellermeier, Lucerne, Switzerland

#WayForward with André Heller, CEO hellermeier, Lucerne, Switzerland

In the #WayForward series, CEOs tell us what’s on their mind in coronavirus times. Read how André Heller, CEO of hellermeier, sees things.

André Heller #WayForward visual hellermeier Team in a video call

About 40% of the work we had planned for will break away by next week. Nevertheless, I’m sleeping fine. Me staying calm has a lot to do with our loyal clients – they’ll keep working with us as much as they can. The daily walks with our dog help me to clarify things and define goals for the day. Most importantly, I enjoy spending more time with my family now that I work from home.

4 things are crucial for the business:
– I’m sorting out with our clients how much of the business we can keep in the short-term.
– The team and I are figuring out solutions that fit all of us and everyone is very helpful in the process. As a team, we meet online each morning at 9 am to discuss the work of the day. At 4 pm, we have a virtual coffee together where we share how we live our lives at the moment.
– I’m taking as many of the planned meetings as possible from the physical space to online platforms.
– I want to move forward again as quickly as possible. Innovation work has been an important part of my work lately. I want to get back to it and take the next steps.

André on business growth: “We don’t need to grow revenue or profit. The growth that I’m interested in is the continuous innovation and the permanent transformation of hellermeier. The world is shaken up and people are more open to new approaches. I want us to be ready to play our role and have a business that is prepared for any kind of future at any point in time.”

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