#WayForward with Tobias Stahel, CEO Smart Energy Link (SEL), Bern, Switzerland

#WayForward with Tobias Stahel, CEO Smart Energy Link (SEL), Bern, Switzerland

In my series #WayForward, CEOs tell us what they do in coronavirus times. Tobias Stahel, CEO of Smart Energy Link AG, goes next.

Tobias Stahel Video Call
I am very concerned about the impact on the economy as a whole and the associated social repercussions. Many companies have been severely affected. Fortunately for us, the influence on the real estate sector has been weak so far. And we are used to dealing with major postponements. Nevertheless, I have great respect for liquidity bottlenecks and reduced growth in our core business.

Fears are the trigger for change and new ideas. I’m pretty certain that we at SEL will come up with new solutions and additional sources of revenue.

Two things help us a lot:
– Our purpose to make the world more ecological serves as an anchor.
– We’re able to identify customer needs early on and to quickly deliver solutions.

We are also used to remote work. Nevertheless, I am particularly keen to create a new social business environment for the team where we can give orientation and create space for exchange. Empathy is one of the most important skills in entrepreneurship anyway. But today it is more important than ever.

Key Takeaways

  • We stick together as a team.
  • We find ways to move projects forward.
  • We use the time that is freed up to work on important things that have been left behind.
  • When fears arise, we discuss solutions.

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